Our story

The story of BeeFree Agro begins in a cattle ranch in the Galilee Heights. Like all farmers, we encountered economic and social changes that forced us to adapt. Initially using drones for visual surveillance, we quickly discovered that animals react to them. That’s how JOE was born. 

JOE is a technological system that moves up to 1000 heads of cattle over vast expanses of land without human intervention, using a single drone. Named after our favorite herding dog, JOE displays all the characteristics of a good herding pal: intelligent, loyal, follows orders, autonomous, fast and easy to operate. 

JOE revolutionized our lives, significantly reducing our operations costs and organizational and personal stress levels. Join us in pursuit of faster, simpler and more cost effective ranching.

Managing and moving livestock

We ranchers still operate inefficiently, using antiquated techniques such as cowboys on horseback, vehicles, choppers and dogs to muster and move our herds. We suffer physical injuries and significant wear and tear to our vehicles.

Innovation and precision technology have changed almost every industry, with the exception of free-range livestock. In a globalized economy that rewards cost-efficiency, we ranchers have to adapt. 

We have been using drones to herd our cattle for over five years. We have experienced savings of 50% in labor costs, horse transportation, vehicle wear and tear, new worker training and recruitment, and above all – time. Time with our families and happier, healthier lives. 

JOE , our autonomous herding system, helps preserve our way of life, raising cattle in the great outdoors, by:


Joe identifies terrain obstacles and cow location.


Joe plans the best route to move the herd.


Joe autonomously herds the cattle according to plan.

How It Works

The system is set up with the parameters of your operation: pastures, fences, gates, water troughs, natural boundaries.
On herding days, JOE works with you.
◦ Select the pasture you want to work
◦ Select the destination
◦ Input recommended route (optional)
◦ Press GO
◦ Stay within 5 km / 3 miles of the drone
Hard days’ work
Sit comfortably in your air-conditioned truck as JOE does all the hard work, mustering your cows in the right direction.

Why choose BeeFreeAgro

Time efficient

Significantly reduces time spent herding cattle

Easy to operate

User-friendly operating system, no need for tech savvy


Saves expenses on manual labor, vehicle wear and tear


Tell Joe what you want done, and it will both plan and execute

Press Release

Dairy Global

"Autonomous drones make farmers’ lives easier"​


"Droning the drove: Israeli cow-herders turn to flying tech"


"The drone that will replace the cowboys"


"DJI drone, special software, used to herd livestock"

Noam Azran

Founder & CEO

An experienced international
rancher and an expert in
animal behavior. A
visionary and pioneer in
drone-based animal

Dvir Cohen

Founder & COO

A second generation rancher,
a visionary and pioneer in
drone-based animal
management. Prospective
head of the Israeli Beef Cattle


Zahar industrial zone
Rosh Pina 1200000, Israel





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