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BeeFree For Feedlots

Our cutting-edge technology boasts a remarkable 99.9% accuracy rate. Crafted by industry experts, our proprietary drone platform efficiently scans an entire feedlot in less than an hour, revolutionizing the process. This innovation not only slashes labor costs but also minimizes feed waste and reduces animal stress. Furthermore, it champions the cause of health and safety, safeguarding both human and livestock welfare. The best part? No external operator is required!

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Beefree agro mission App

Fully Automated

Our system is able to accurately count cows in feedlots, without the need of human intervention. Our software uses advanced imaging technology to identify and track the number of cows in a feedlot, providing farmers with the information they need to make informed decisions. 

High Precision 

We understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable data, so we have developed our system with precision and safety as a priority. Scan water troughs and feeding bunks. Gain insight into infrastructure condition, water levels, and food consumption. delivering results of high-resolution images instantly to your mobile devices tablets, and computers.

Cows counted in feedlot
Results for feedlot count

Management Console

Access high level reports with a 360º view of feedlot operations - from multiple feedlots down to single pen occupancy.

The inventory count is verifiable can be reviewed internally and externally and can be easily audited. 


Bussines Insights

Our software allows you to easily integrate into any management software with an API, allowing you to monitor your livestock in real-time. Making your work easier and more efficient. We believe in making the most of technology and helping you get the best out of your livestock.

BeeFree agro insight console
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