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Guides & FAQs

  • I’m pretty technical, but other people who work on the farm are not. Is this an issue?
    You and your staff don’t need to have any technical background. Our system starts working with a few clicks on a button via an app. We’ve created a user-friendly and intuitive app that anyone can use. In addition, our customer success team will call you and guide you along the way.
  • How can I start using your services?
    1. Buy a specific drone called DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced with a Smart Controller. 2. Fill in the contact form on our website 3. We’ll get back to you and schedule a zoom call. During the call, we’ll map your farm and enter its exact coordinates in our system (either manually or via GeoJson) and any important infrastructures in your field (e.g. the fences) You’ll get a username and a link to our app, and we’ll help you link it to your drone You’ll get an extensive explanation about how everything works and will be able to ask us all your questions. We won’t leave your side until you know how to use the app We’ll make sure you have adequate cellular coverage in your field 4. You’ll get a free trial month to try it out and see if you like the system (you will!)
  • What kind of drone should I buy? Can I use another drone I already own?
    We recommend working only with the DJI Mavic Enterprise Advanced with a Smart Controller. Other drones will not provide accurate data.
  • How does the drone know the location of my fences, water trough, or other important infrastructure elements on my field?
    During the registration for our service, we will go over your entire terrain, field by field, and identify the important coordinates you’d like to continuously check. This information will be fed into the system and the drone will know to always check those specific points and take pictures of it.
  • What do I need to do for the maintenance of the drone?
    Please review the manufacturer’s maintenance guide. That guide should come with the drone as part of its user’s manual.
  • Do I need a license to fly a commercial drone?
    Most countries have some sort of basic requirements for flying commercial drones (e.g. required certificate, drone registration, restrictions, etc.). For example, in the US, you can follow a 3 step certification request, in Australia you can register it online, in Brazil you may require insurance, and so on. Always check your local regulations to be certain you have followed the required steps.
  • What happens if the battery dies in mid-flight?
    The drone will know to safely come back to its base, charge up, and when ready, continue right back from where it left off.
  • What happens if there are trees or poles in my field?
    Using our software, the drone will be able to identify and avoid obstacles, maintain or adjust its height, and complete its mission.
  • How does your service improve my daily work?
    You’ll save time and valuable resources. Joe will give you accurate data about what’s going on in your field, including where your animals are, what your infrastructure looks like, and if there’re any intruders in your field (human or wildlife), in real-time – 24/7.
  • Can’t I buy a drone and fly it myself to check on my herd?
    technically you can, but you’ll be missing out on the tremendous benefits that we offer. Joe is autonomous. That means that our advanced software is able to operate the drone on its own in a sophisticated way to deliver you the accurate information you need. In addition, the data it collects will be an essential tool for the efficient management of your farm. Collecting and analyzing so much information in minutes would be impossible to do on your own, even with the most advanced drone.
  • Joe App instelation
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  • Creating your first map.
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  • Adding and editing elements to a map
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  • Using Joe app in feedlots
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  • How to set "joe" app to automatically start on your DJI controller.
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