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Cutting Edge Software for Livestock Management

Our Services

Find My Cow

With a push of a button, get an overview of your grazing areas. Receive insights into your herd's location, grazing patterns, infrastructure, and pasture. Receive results and insights on your controller, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Receive the number and location of identified livestock easily identifying strays.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Automatically scan infrastructure, water troughs, feeding bunks and facilities, delivering results of high-resolution images instantly to your mobile devices tablets, and computers.

Management Console

Access high level reports with a 360º view of entire operation. View the results and mission history on our web-based interface. Data is accessible from phone or PC. Get insights into grazing patterns and herd behavior.

Perform 99.9% accuracy audits with a push of a button. results are verifiable and can be reviewed internally and externally. Reports can be exported and seamlessly integrated into any management software using an API.

We understand that every farmer has their unique operation and needs. That's why our system is designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily tasks, helping you solve problems instead of looking for them. 

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