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Drones and AI in Biomass Analysis and Pasture Management

December 2023

In the realm of livestock operations, achieving proficiency in biomass analysis and pasture management is paramount for optimizing feed efficiencies, elevating production levels, and championing environmental sustainability.


Well-executed pasture-based systems are celebrated for their efficient land utilization, delivering impressive production yields per acre, and proving to be a cost-effective choice for livestock operations. At its core, pasture management ensures the provision of high-quality forage grasses and legumes to your livestock, optimizing grazing practices, and nurturing a healthy ecosystem. This entails implementing intelligent strategies to fortify grass health, maximize forage production, and streamline production costs.


Effective pasture management transcends importance; it is critical for maximizing livestock productivity, maintaining the optimal condition of grasslands, and mitigating the risk of overgrowth in forage grass that could compromise the quality of your livestock's nutrition.

Cows grazing in pasture
Cows grazing in open green pasture


Obtaining accurate information about the quantity of grass and plants on your farm is challenging due to the variability in vegetation, diverse plant species. Also, you can always count on the weather can mess things up. The labor-intensive task of measurement, coupled with costly and potentially inaccurate tools, as well as usability issues, complicates the process. Diverse terrains add obstacles to accessing specific measurement locations. To overcome these challenges, a well-planned strategy, user-friendly tools, and collaboration with professionals like researchers and land experts are essential for precision.


Here, at BeeFree Agro, we acknowledge the massive role that biomass analysis and effective pasture management play, particularly in the domain of cattle farming. Understanding the intricacies of biomass in livestock systems and adopting sound pasture management practices are essential for enhancing feed efficiencies, production levels, and overall environmental sustainability.


To support you in this, we have developed a robust tool planned to be integrated into our system. Leveraging our autonomous drones as a key component of this process, we capture images of pasturelands. Think of it like using NDVI to gauge vegetation health but with a significant boost. Our advanced algorithms make this analysis quick, accurate, and as easy as a push of a button. By integrating these state-of-the-art technologies into your farming, you gain instant, precise insights for biomass analysis and can optimize pasture management like never before.


Open pasture in livestock farm
Open pasture


This integrated approach, utilizing drone technology and advanced AI, positions livestock operators to enhance overall efficiency and sustainability. Despite the challenges mentioned above associated with biomass analysis and pasture measurement, we are making significant progress in testing the system, yielding positive results. We anticipate sharing new features with you soon.


Mastering biomass analysis and pasture management is imperative for all livestock operations. At Beefree Agro, we are committed to providing you with the tools and insights to deal with these challenges and elevate the efficiency and sustainability of your farming practices.





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